Based out of garden city of Bengaluru, India, Taaka is slow fashion brand wherein we’ve created a space not bound by trends, seasons or margins, instead by stories that are laced with details of real life and craft. At our workshop, you’ll find us working on new techniques, taking the time to talk to each other and experimenting with fresh ideas.

We did not choose to mass produce and burn fast. Instead we chose to build a brand with a heart, slowly and steadily, one stitch at a time.

We’re honest people trying to work with integrity and transparency. From empowering good people to being transparent with our process, we want to enable you to make informed decisions. The kind that’ll send good karma your way. Psst… it’s infectious.

When you buy Taaka, you join a steadily growing community of believers of good karma clothing. Your choice to pick conscious clothing may seem of little significance to you, but it is every single choice that has the power to change. Be the change.

3 Cool Things To Know About Us!

3 Cool Things To Know About Us!

  • We’re a super tiny power packed team of 12 people only.
  • Every Taaka piece comes in 100% earth friendly packaging.
  • Each Taaka clothing comes with lifetime repairs, no matter what the damage, if it can be mended, we’ll do it. Our mantra : Don’t ditch it, stitch it.

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