April Jumpsuit // Pure Botanical Color



The perfect utilitarian outfit for home and outdoors. The April jumpsuit is an easy fit with adjustable drawstrings on the waist. It comes in half sleeves with a faux fold and tab details. The jumpsuit is finished with concealed pockets on the side hips and opens via shell buttons in the front till the waist. This jumpsuit has been hand dyed using madder roots  and pomogranate peels. The resultant residue of our dyeing process is completely non-toxic and was consumed as fodder and water in plant fields.


The Model is 5’7 and is wearing size S/M.

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In quiet contemplation the cotton buds await a reunion unlike anything else. Botanique celebrates the bond shared by the plant species, one that makes the fiber and the other that gives it color.

Feather soft cotton mulmul fabric is hand dipped, twisted & cooked manually in a cauldron of color made purely from plant extracts. Our collection has received its soft luxe shades using a range of carefully crafted recipes that involved Pomegranate Peels, Indigo and Madder Roots, fixed onto the fabric with the help of bio friendly mordants like Alum & Myrobalan also locally known as Harda.

Botanique enjoys the independence to be free of season. The utilitarian bodies help make it a perfect mix of casual indoor and outdoor outfits.

All Taaka products are handmade by the craft people of India. Farmed, dyed, needle-worked, constructed and packed by fair trade artisans and employees. We celebrate history of craft, freedom of life and above all, nature.

One kind stitch at a time.

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April Jumpsuit // Pure Botanical Color

April Jumpsuit // Pure Botanical Color