Box Handloom Top (Curtain Shoulders)

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Ever played with your clothes? With this one, you will!

Hand spun, hand woven cotton in grey check, embroidered with adorable bouquets and hidden messages of sustainability. We worked towards getting right a sleeve that simply works like a curtain! Drape it in, tab it or drape it out and share the message embroidered on the shoulder.

Also you cant ignore that adorable mid welt pocket with red hand made tassels.

This look is

  • Hand Spun
  • 100% organically grown cotton
  • Hand woven
  • Ethically sourced
  • Hand embroidered
  • Made by well paid and happy artisans

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One Clover and a Bee

Our first collection – One clover, and a bee,
is inspired by poetess Emily Dickinson writing about how
we may not need too much to build on our dreams, in the poem – To make a revery.
Made from completely hand spun and hand woven cotton fabrics, woven by women in Maheshwar, empowering them with fair wages and financial independence, along with the artisans who helped embroider and stitch it.
The value of every product from Taaka goes beyond just the material, and into the lives of those who helped make it, one stitch at a time.

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Box Handloom Top (Curtain Shoulders)

Box Handloom Top (Curtain Shoulders)