Koray Handloom Top

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Ivory with black checks made from fine handspun & handwoven Chenab Khadi. With our signature blanket hand stitch on easy drop shoulders, this top is the perfect daily easy pick Slip-On khadi.

Perfect for an easy day wear, this top is like a staple to all your favorite co-ordinates.

The Koray Top is

  • 100% Khadi Cotton
  • Hand-Spun
  • Hand-Woven
  • 100% Hand-embroidered by fair wage artisans at Taaka HQ, Bangalore, India.
  • Ethically produced khadi by Women Weave. A non-profit organisation in Maheshwar, India.
  • Made in a safe and Eco-friendly workshop.

When you buy Taaka, you purchase directly provides employment, empowerment and a secure livelihood for all the craftsman involved in the making of each product.

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Is another step towards our promise to move towards a carefully crafted earth friendly balance of demand and supply.

Using traditional methods that help reduce the carbon footprint of each product, unbound reasons with every chain of thought that insists you to have more and more.

This collection along with every product made at Taaka is free of season, ethically produced by fair wage artisans, handmade with love, unbound by illusory cycles of unsustainable trade.

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Koray Handloom Top

Koray Handloom Top