Origami Face Mask


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Product Description

Soft breathable pure cotton checks face masks. The origami masks are designed keeping in mind that their height can be adjusted as per your choice. The drawstrings help in easy tie. These are perfect alternates for those looking for something apart from ear loop masks. Each mask comes with our signature mother of pearl button stitched on every tassel, a small reminder to be the change, one kind stitch at a time.


  1. Full coverage face mask
  2. Adjustable nose guard
  3. Easy tie up strings for securing mask
  4. Easy to breath cotton weave
  5. 100% Cotton X 3 Layers
  6. Washable – Reusable

Our masks are one size and have been designed to fit most adults, men and women, easily. Since cotton has a easy stretch property, these masks will easily take shape to your custom fit.

Length of the mask when folded 8cm and opens upto 16cms / Width of the mask in flat is 25cms

We are eager to help you with your purchase and should you have any query do not hesitate to write to us at friends@taakaclothing.com

Taaka X Women Weave

The heart of all our clothing lies in the process of making our textiles and its story of origin. All our hand-spun and hand-woven textiles are woven at WomenWeave, a Non-Profit organisation based out of Maheshwar, India. The friendship between both brands continues to grow stronger courtesy our common goals to improve the working conditions for weavers, spinner and artisans of India.

Our first collaborative label, Taaka X WomenWeave hosts a wide range of pure handloom textiles from WomenWeave, designed and constructed at Taaka, to build a beautiful range of comfort wear in the fabric of India.

All products under this collaboration have been made using precious hand-spun, hand-woven fabric from orders that were cancelled due to the pandemic. This label is an honest attempt to help return the investments of the artisans who have created each fabric with love and trust.

Origami Face Mask

Origami Face Mask