Pomegranate Dye Cotton Scarf



Soft breathable cotton scarves made from pure pomegranate skin extract color. Botanical dyes have many medicinal values including anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Most natural dyes are found to be non-carcinogenic in nature and have a calming effect on the mind.

Each scarf comes with our signature mother of pearl button stitched on one side, and a loop on the opposite side to secure it once wrapped around you cozily.


  1. Size 40 by 40 inches
  2. Loop and button at 2 ends for securing scarf.
  3. 100% non-toxic plant color

We are eager to help you with your purchase and should you have any query do not hesitate to write to us at friends@taakaclothing.com

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Pomegranate Dye Cotton Scarf

Pomegranate Dye Cotton Scarf