The Botany Blanket Top

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Inspired by an artwork by Pierre-Joseph Redouté, a botanical artist popularly known as the Raphael of flowers, the drop shoulder top is filled with loving handmade details like the blanket stitch running across the soft V neckline. The sleeves are foldable and come with an adorable hand braided tab to secure the fold in place. The hand embroidery continues in the botanical floral motif on the classic combination of black and white woven checks.

This look is :

  • Made in 100% Cotton base fabric
  • Ethically sourced and produced
  • Handmade with Love
  • 100% Hand embroidered, made in India by fair wage & happy artisans
  • Sustain-ably constructed, sized and produced
  • 100% Bio-degradable and earth friendly

At the Taaka workshop, we are constantly improving our processes to reduce waste. When you buy this top, we hope to see it get passed down generations and spread the love for all things handmade.

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The Sunroom

Our season free collection The Sunroom, takes inspiration from fresh blooms of the day, protectively planted in a glass house with uninterrupted sun rays filling the space with warmth and fragrance of a thousand flowers.
Made from soft mull cotton and sun kissed checks, a delight for the drape lovers. Sun room boasts of adorable blanket stitches and tiny details around every nook and corner just like a room full of flowers. If you look closer, you’ll find magic.

Taaka is a conscious clothing brand. The value of every product from Taaka goes beyond just the material, and into the lives of those who helped make it, one stitch at a time.

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The Botany Blanket Top

The Botany Blanket Top